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Anasayfa > Sanayi Bilgisi > Features and applications of high precision archway metal detector
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Features and applications of high precision archway metal detector

When it comes to security gates, many customers want to have more accurate detection performance, especially for precious metal processing plants, chips and electronic processing companies. However, many security doors in the market simply cannot meet the requirements of use, and many manufacturers are also striving to develop security doors that can have better performance. To solve this problem, we must first start from a technical point of view, through hardware and software to increase the magnetic field induction intensity and the rapid processing and response of the control system to the acquisition signal. At the same time, it is necessary to solve the interference problem that the environment may cause - because the high magnetic field means that it is more susceptible to multiple factors of the surrounding environment. After long-term research and experimentation, Mama Security has finally developed a security door with higher precision, which can detect a pin with the highest precision and has very good anti-jamming performance. It is especially suitable for use in places where the accuracy requirements are high, and friends who need it are welcome to consult.

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