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High Performance Metal Detectors


Thermo Fisher Scientific's APEX metal detectors provide unparalleled sensitivity so that you can fulfill your statutory duties and protect your brand. The innovative user interface enables you to quickly set up and optimize configurations, reduce required training, and reduce production downtime.

APEX high-performance metal detectors from Thermo Fisher Scientific have once again improved the industry standard for performance, stability, and reliability. It integrates a unique (patent pending) multi-coil design that makes the magnetic flux at the pores more stable, increases the signal level, and achieves the highest detection capabilities. This innovative product incorporates new shielding technologies that reduce the impact on the product and the costly waste caused by false rejection.

APEX's unparalleled performance is due to the introduction of first-rate electronic technology and advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology first introduced by Thermo Fisher over 20 years ago. New detection algorithms and improved noise reduction filters, product tracking techniques, and balance/restoration solutions are used. There are also AuditCheckTM options, and AuditCheckTM is a unique, patented device that verifies the performance of metal detectors. All these capabilities combine to make APEX the most sensitive metal detection system available today.

Features and Benefits

Unmatched sensitivity; the metal diameter that can be detected is 20% smaller than the metal diameter that previous generations can detect
Unique Cursor Drive Interface with Multi-Language Help Function and Auto-calibration Function QA and AuditCheckTM Features to Ensure the Best Performance · Clean Blue Epoxy Lining · Dual Frequency Operation, Flexible Application Provides Thermo Fisher delivery system designed to your specifications
APEX is supported by the global THERMO FISHER service network, which meets the reliability requirements, environmental requirements, and hygiene requirements of the food industry. APEX has fault protection operation design, built-in fault notification, tested, APEX fully meets the requirements of IP66/NEMA/ATEX. APEX manufactures only food-grade materials, including stainless steel containers and ABS control panels.

Thermo Fisher Scientific provides advanced analytical instruments for laboratories and production lines in the food, pharmaceutical and beverage industries. We have more than 50 years of experience providing cost-effective, high-quality impurity detection systems and we are recognized as leading the world. Our solutions include various models of metal detectors for a variety of applications, as well as a full range of X-ray inspection systems.

Reprinted from: Packaging Expo

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