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School security gates are gradually becoming popular

The security gate, in everyone's impression, is the security equipment used at the station and the airport, but now it is also on the campus. So what is its duty in school? That is to check if the student is carrying a mobile phone and a knife.
     Schools use security gates to check whether students bring mobile phones. For many people, it may be the first time I heard about it. Some people think that this school is too serious and creates a tense atmosphere. Some people may think that the school is too simple and rude. They do not seriously do the publicity and education of students, take shortcuts, and suffer from security dependence. Some people think this The school did not seriously implement the opinions of the Ministry of Education, and was suspected of infringing on the rights of students. Some even questioned whether the school had the right to conduct “security screening” for students. From this, there must be a lot of criticism.
     In 2018, the Ministry of Education issued an urgent notice to prevent the primary and secondary school students from indulging in online education guidance, including regulating the use of mobile phones by students. After comparing the various preventive measures, the school found that only installing the security gate to check whether students bring mobile phones every day is the most direct and effective way to help students to “mobile addiction”. As the students said, bringing a mobile phone will inevitably affect the attention of the class and affect learning. After taking the "security check" measures, the students will be separated from the mobile phone, and there is no condition to "steal" the mobile phone. You can take classes and study with peace of mind. Some people say that students have limited ability to control themselves, which helps students to control themselves.
      At present, many schools across the country have installed the pastoral intelligent security gates, and some schools have installed the Makino X-ray security gates to effectively check and prevent students from carrying mobile phones into the campus. The inspection results are very good, regardless of the mobile phone package. How strict it is, it can still be checked accurately. However, the animal husbandry intelligence also found that some schools purchased security doors with poor quality, and some schools were negligent in management, relying entirely on security gates, and could not achieve the purpose of effective inspection. Therefore, remind everyone that when purchasing the security door, you must confirm the function and quality, and must be able to adapt to the application characteristics of the school, such as high pass rate, stable performance, fast alarm, accurate positioning, and certain waterproof performance!
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