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Anasayfa > Sanayi Bilgisi > What are the benefits of using a food metal detector?
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What are the benefits of using a food metal detector?

Metal Separator - Metal detectors are used to detect and separate all metals mixed in plastic materials, including iron and non-ferrous metals (such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel). Since metal impurities are mixed in the process of crushing and recycling the old materials, accidents are eventually entered into the production, which increases the number of shutdown maintenance, which leads to an increase in cost and affects production efficiency.
Benefits of using a metal separator
1. Protect production equipment
2, improve production efficiency
3. Improve the utilization of raw materials
4. Improve product quality
5, reduce equipment maintenance costs
Harm of metal impurities on machinery and production
1. Damaged screw and barrel
2, block the nozzle, mold flow path (hot runner)
3. Increase hot oil pressure and cause plastic flow block
4, metal scratch mold
5, the finished product contains metal, resulting in short circuit and no insulation

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